Distinguishing Your Craft Brewery With Aaron Keefner of More Brewing Company

Aaron Keefner, More Brewing Company

Aaron Keefner is the Brewery General Manager at More Brewing Company in Huntley, Illinois. At More Brewing, Aaron leads their brand development, management, and marketing. Before joining the team, he worked with other notable names such as Revolution Brewing and Goose Island Beer Company based in Chicago.

Aaron has sharpened his skillset over a wide spectrum of industries throughout his career, from the record industry and entertainment promotion to pet care and more. Outside of the world of beer, he volunteers as an event organizer for the Epilepsy Foundation, helping raise over $10,000 since 2003.

Podcast highlights With Aaron Keefner of More Brewing Company

  • How Aaron Keefner got into the beer world through the record industry
  • The future of More Brewing Company and how they’re expanding
  • Supply and demand issues with smaller breweries 
  • Aaron shares the recent developments in the craft brewing industry
  • What is the Bairal Society and how does membership work?
  • The most effective channels for marketing
  • Standing out on social media and on your website

In this episode…

Craft breweries have exploded in popularity over the last decade. Common household beers are being passed over for local, more unique selections. While the demand for these breweries is growing, there is still plenty of competition. In larger cities, multiple brands are fighting for the same demographic. So, is a good beer alone enough to stand out?

Marketing, branding, and managing all play a role in the popularity of a brewery. Aaron Keefner has learned the importance of all three, working as the leader of operations and sales at More Brewing Company. After all, it doesn’t matter how great the beer is if no one gets the chance to try it. He has led More Brewing to astonishing popularity and sales. So, how can you do it, too?

In this episode of the Pitcher This! podcast, Darren Fox talks with Aaron Keefner, the Brewery General Manager for More Brewing Company, to hear how they’ve improved their marketing and drink selection. Aaron goes through his journey in marketing and promotion and how he applies what he’s learned to More Brewing. They also touch on supply and demand, social media, and their exclusive Bairal Society. Stay tuned to hear all this and more!

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