The Key from Aimy Steadman to Creating Beverage Brands for the Next Generation

Aimy Steadman, Future/Proof

Aimy Steadman is the Co-Founder and COO of Future/Proof, a cutting-edge company focused on developing innovative beverage brands for the next generation of drinkers. Future/Proof is the creator of BeatBox Beverages, a popular beverage brand that mixes fun, friends, and flavor into something that makes everyone party better together.

Future/Proof was recently awarded one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 Fast-Growing Privately-Owned Companies in America and is considered as a disruptor in the beverage alcohol market that provides innovative solutions that drive incremental profit in high-growth categories.

Aimy is a founding Board Member and 2021 Board President of the emerging CPG group, Naturally Austin, and has received a handful of national and global accolades—most recently Austin Chamber’s A-List 2020. Aimy is considered a powerhouse in the beverage industry and her unique twist on alcoholic drinks has taken the world by storm.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn

  • Aimy Steadman shares how Future/Proof and BeatBox Beverages started and how diving headfirst into the beverage industry affected her experience starting a business
  • The benefits of establishing connections early in the game
  • Aimy describes what it was like to go on Shark Tank and how it impacted the future of Future/Proof and BeatBox Beverages
  • Some of Aimy’s top investors and how she established connections within the music industry in order to grow her brand
  • Aimy’s marketing and advertising strategies and how her company capitalizes on connecting with younger generations
  • Aimy talks about Naturally Austin and the importance sustainable living practices
  • Aimy shares memorable career highlights and what’s in store for her company
  • How Aimy and her other co-founders established their roles in the company 
  • Some of Aimy and Darren’s favorite beverages

In this episode…

Do you ever wander the aisles of a liquor shop in search of some wine, only to see the same boring boxes on every shelf? Are you looking for a drink that will shake things up and bring more life to your social events? If you answered yes to both questions, then you will definitely love the beverage brands that Aimy Steadman’s company, Future/Proof, has come up with.

From a small idea in college to a successful company, Aimy Steadman and her team at Future/Proof have created some of the alcoholic beverage industry’s leading brands, including BeatBox Beverages, Brizzy Seltzer Cocktail, and Corkless. Future/Proof aims to quell all your worries about beverage brands becoming static and one-note, targeting the next generation of drinkers. Their unique twist on the alcoholic drink industry has taken the world by storm, and Aimy is here to tell their story.

On this exciting episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with the Co-Founder and COO of Future/Proof Aimy Steadman about all things drinks. Aimy shares what it was like to start her own company at 23, how they closed a million-dollar deal, the marketing strategies they’re using to appeal to younger generations, and much more. Stay tuned!

Sponsor: Beatbox Beverages

This episode is sponsored by BeatBox Beverages. Founded in 2011 by Future/Proof, BeatBox Beverages is the World’s Tastiest Portable Party Punch™, created to mix friends, fun, and flavor into something that could help everyone #PartyBetter.

BeatBox Beverages comes in eco-friendly packaging and features six different flavors, making it a staple in the millennial party scene.

Find them in stores near you and turn up your parties the fun and flavorful way. To learn more about their products, visit their website at

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