The Secrets to Marketing on Amazon With Andrew Morgans of Marknology

Andrew Morgans, Marknology

Andrew Morgans is the Owner of Marknology, a full-service agency and brand accelerator that has managed over 200 million in sales on Amazon. Within the crowded field of marketing on Amazon, Andrew has still found incredible success. He has personally worked with some leading international brands such as Adidas, Marvel, and Swiss. 

Andrew’s initial successes came from e-commerce management where he learned many of his skills. He even started his own brand, Landlocked Co Apparel, which is based in and meant for residents of Kansas City.

Podcast highlights with with Andrew Morgans of Marknology

  • What does a full-service Amazon agency do for its clients?
  • Considering pricing in context when selling on Amazon
  • Andrew Morgans shares the particular styles and strategies for excelling on Amazon
  • One of Andrew’s success stories when working with brands
  • The incredible importance of proper branding
  • Why advice from peers can be better than advice from experts
  • How Andrew was able to help his family with his success

In this episode…

Amazon is not only a competitive marketplace but an ever-changing one as well. The techniques and recommendations that worked even two years ago may not be as efficient today. Not only that, but there is vast potential revenue from Amazon alone, making it an important aspect of many e-commerce businesses. To be getting the most of your brand, you can’t just sell on Amazon — you have to do it right.

Andrew Morgans is an Amazon expert and the owner of Marknology, a full-service agency that specializes in that space. He has worked with popular brands such as Adidas and Marvel, having tangible results to show from his involvement. Amazon may be difficult, but it’s not an impossible marketplace. Now, Andrew’s here to show you how to adapt.

In this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast, Darren Fox talks with Andrew Morgans of Marknology to learn about Amazon and the keys to selling well on the platform. First, the two chat about what a full-service Amazon agency even does and how they can be resourceful to e-commerce businesses. They then go on to discuss the importance of branding, why advice from your peers is so valuable, and which strategies work best for Amazon.

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