Merging CBD and the Beverage Industry with Rip N Sip’s Brad Martin and Joe Prior

Joe Prior and Brad Martin, Rip n Sip

Brad Martin and Joe Prior are the Co-founders of Rip N Sip, a company producing single-serve CBD pouches that can be easily added to any beverage. Their journey in the hemp industry began in 2018 as suppliers of hemp extracts. Since then, they have started the Urbane Hemp Co., a retail store offering hemp-derived products. 

Joe has had a long career in entrepreneurship and is also the Founder and CEO of Good Vibe Tribe Inc., Shaka People, and Joe’s Premium Painting.

Podcast highlights with Brad Martin and Joe Prior

  • Joe Prior and Brad Martin explain how they got started in the CBD industry, and the science behind CBD
  • How Joe and Brad navigated the trials of sanitation and safe consumption of CBD
  • How Rip N Sip allows for a simple user experience 
  • What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to packaging and distributing CBD?
  • Joe discusses Rip N Sip’s plans for expansion and how their e-commerce store helps with distribution
  • Joe and Brad talk about some memorable moments in the CBD and beverage space
  • Joe discusses his other business ventures and how they all converge in the cannabis industry
  • Joe and Brad tell the story of their accidental partnership
  • Joe and Brad mention some of their favorite beverages and spots to grab a drink

In this episode…

Where do the CBD and beverage industries collide? Is there a way to safely and efficiently distribute single-serve CBD that doesn’t affect the taste of your beverage? 

Joe Prior and Brad Martin are the Co-founders of Rip N Sip, a company producing single-serve CBD packets that can be easily mixed into any beverage. Joe and Brad have been in the CBD industry for years, and even own 35 acres of hemp that they use for distribution. They combine their passion for entrepreneurship with their love of hemp to run a thriving business, and they’re here to tell you all about it.

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox has a conversation with Co-founders of Rip N Sip, Brad Martin and Joe Prior. They discuss the science behind CBD, successful distribution through e-commerce, effectively packaging CBD products, and much more. You won’t want to miss this jam-packed episode!

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