How to Give Back Through Entrepreneurship with Caleb Benoit of Connect Roasters

Caleb Benoit, Connect Roasters

Caleb Benoit is the Founder of Connect Roasters, a coffee distributor that partners with countries in need and empowers those communities through the shared experience of coffee. Caleb has a vast background in journalism, marketing, advertising, and ad tech.

Before founding Connect Roasters, Caleb was the Vice President of Partnerships at Featurd and the Director of Operations for North America at Soho Media Solutions.

Podcast highlights with Caleb Benoit

  • Caleb Benoit discusses how he got into the coffee industry and how his mission trips started Connect Roasters 
  • What was Caleb’s biggest challenge with starting a business?
  • Caleb offers advice about transitioning into the coffee industry and starting a business with limited experience
  • Why gaining experience in your desired entrepreneurial field is essential before flying solo
  • The value mentors hold for business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Caleb explains the Home Run Club, his coffee subscription for baseball fans
  • Caleb delves into his favorite method of brewing and drinking coffee
  • The evolution of Connect Roasters’ marketing strategies and how the team leverages their social platforms
  • How Caleb uses his background in journalism to tell stories within his company
  • Selling online versus vending in retail locations
  • Caleb mentions some of his favorite places in Chicago

In this episode…

The world is divided into two people: coffee drinkers or tea enthusiasts. Before starting Connect Roasters, Caleb Benoit was the ultimate coffee person — so he jumped headfirst into creating his own coffee company with no experience. How did the company manage not only to become successful, but help the world at the same time? 

Caleb is the Founder of Connect Roasters, a coffee distributor that introduces people to delicious coffee and empowers communities in the countries where the java is grown. Connect Roasters partners with charities and underprivileged communities to tackle poverty, COVID-19 relief, and many other global issues through the power of coffee. Caleb is here to share his inspiring story, and tell you how to brew the perfect cup of coffee along the way.

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with the Founder of Connect Roasters, Caleb Benoit, all about starting a business in the coffee industry. They discuss the less glamorous parts of entrepreneurship, how Connect Roasters gives back, gaining experience in your field, and much more. Pour a cup of coffee and stay tuned!

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