Blending Beer and Music with Mikerphone Brewing

Charolette Converse, Mikerphone Brewing

Charolette Converse is the Manager of Marketing and Corporate Events at Mikerphone Brewing, a brewery blending craft beer and music to create perfect harmony. Before joining the team at Mikerphone, Charolette was part of Only Child Brewing, working on their social media.

Podcast highlights with Charolette Converse

  • Charolette Converse discusses how Mikerphone Brewery began and her role as Manager of Marketing and Corporate Events
  • The special beer crafted by the women of Mikerphone Brewing for International Women’s Day
  • Mikerphone’s plans for getting bands and musicians to play at the brewery 
  • Charolette’s favorite projects she’s worked on at Mikerphone 
  • How COVID has affected Mikerphone and Charolette’s role in creating an online ordering system
  • Key marketing tactics and the best social media platforms for the beverage industry
  • Charolette’s favorite beverages

In this episode…

What happens when you mix beer and music? What does a specialty beer for International Women’s Day taste like? What’s the best beer festival to attend? Charolette Converse has you covered.

Charolette Converse is the Manager of Marketing and Corporate Events at Mikerphone Brewing and the woman behind the curtain when it comes to Mikerphone’s social media and events. Although the pandemic canceled Mikerphone’s Smells Like a Beer Fest, Charolette didn’t let that stop her from growing the brewery’s brand — and now, Mikerphone’s social media presence is stronger than ever.

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with Charolette Converse, Manager of Marketing and Corporate Events at Mikerphone Brewing. Charolette discusses marketing tactics, her specialty beer for International Women’s Day, Mikerphone’s plans for 2021, and much more. Stay tuned!

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