Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur with Former CEO of Dream Water, David Lekach

David Lekach, Dream Water

David Lekach is an entrepreneur, strategist, and the former CEO of Dream Water, a manufacturer of a liquid and powder natural sleep aid. In 2018, he sold the million-dollar company. Since selling Dream Water, David has advised and consulted companies in the CPG, cannabis, and direct-to-consumer spaces on team building, deal structuring, and more.

Currently, David is a Learning Chair at EO South Florida. Before becoming an entrepreneur, David worked as an investment banker and managing partner of a Miami-based law firm.

Podcast highlights with David Lekach

  • David Lekach discusses his background in entrepreneurship and how he founded Dream Water with his business partner
  • The ongoing think tank that is an entrepreneur’s mind
  • How marketing has evolved over the years, especially in the digital space
  • David talks about his decision to sell Dream Water and what ventures he has been pursuing to fill that space
  • What was David’s biggest challenge while running his business?
  • The struggles that come with being a successful CEO
  • The benefits of joining organizations with like-minded people
  • David talks about his most memorable moment with Dream Water: selling in Walmart
  • Why having a business isn’t about the money, but rather the relationships
  • David mentions some of his favorite non-alcoholic beverages

In this episode…

What does the inside of an entrepreneur’s mind look like? How has the digital marketing space evolved over the past decade? How can a 2.5oz sleep aid change your life? David Lekach can tell you.

David is an entrepreneur and strategist. He sold his million-dollar company, Dream Water, after almost a decade of running the business as CEO. Now, he develops strategies with other entrepreneurs and business owners about how to make their companies just as successful. He’s here to tell you all about his inspiring journey, and share the insider marketing tips he’s learned along the way.

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with entrepreneur and former CEO of Dream Water, David Lekach, about digital marketing and entrepreneurship. They discuss what to know when selling your company, the mind of an entrepreneur, challenges and successes in running a business, and much more. Stay tuned!

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