A College Graduate’s Journey Building A New Beverage Brand

Dawson Sieradzky, Juiced Boxes

Dawson Sieradzky is the Founder and CEO of Juiced Boxes, a company providing the smarter version of your go-to party punch. Dawson started Juiced Boxes in May 2020, right after graduating from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. 

Dawson has been fencing since he was six years old and was a college athlete during his time at Columbia. He participated in the NCAA Team Championships for Fencing in 2019 and was a runner-up in 2018. He participated in the Ivy League Team Championships for Fencing in both 2018 and 2019.

Podcast highlights with Dawson Sieradzky

  • Dawson Sieradzky discusses how he started Juiced Boxes as a full-time college student
  • How Dawson was drawn to the beverage industry as a psychology major
  • The link between athleticism and entrepreneurship 
  • Dawson’s journey taking the leap and making his big career move starting a business
  • Juiced Boxes plans for social media marketing and getting off the ground
  • Dawson explains the story behind the drink company’s logo and how it represents his life’s path
  • Some of the challenges with creating a new beverage brand, like using pouches instead of cans
  • How listening to other entrepreneurs inspired Dawson to create his brand
  • Dawson talks about his favorite place to get a drink — and some killer spicy rigatoni

In this episode…

How did a full-time college student create a business in just a year? What inspires someone to become an entrepreneur? Do you miss the days of jungle juice at your college parties? Dawson Sieradzky is the man to talk to. 

Dawson Sieradzky is the Founder and CEO of Juiced Boxes, a company creating the smarter version of your go-to party punch. Dawson just graduated from Columbia University but has been working on his brand for over a year. It’s almost ready to hit the market, and Dawson’s here to share his inspiring story. 

On this exciting episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks to Founder and CEO of Juiced Boxes, Dawson Sieradzky. Dawson discusses his journey to becoming an entrepreneur, the challenges he’s faced while starting his company, his brand’s plans for expansion and social media, and much more. Stay tuned!

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