How a Degree in Ancient Greek Led Drew Hendricks to Marketing Wineries

Drew Hendricks, Barrels Ahead

Drew Hendricks is the President of Barrels Ahead, a marketing agency focused on accelerating organic growth for the wine and craft industry. Drew began his journey in the wine industry after graduating with a degree in Philosophy and Ancient Greek. He later earned his MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance and became a web developer for independent wine stores before expanding his outreach to other companies. 

Drew is also the President and Founder of Nimbletoad, Inc., a digital marketing agency specializing in web design, SEO, and PPC.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn

  • Drew discusses the beginnings of Barrels Ahead and why the wine and craft beverage market is often under-served in the online marketing space
  • Why delivering content at the right point in the sales process is crucial to gaining clients and buyers
  • Drew’s journey from graduating with a degree in Philosophy and Ancient Greek to marketing wineries 
  • What initially attracted Drew to the wine industry and what he loves about it
  • Best practices for tasting wine and learning the differences between brands and types
  • Some of Drew’s favorite projects and clients
  • Why stepping away from digital marketing could be valuable to clients
  • Being unique and honest with your brand by telling stories through marketing
  • Different types of online marketing strategies and tips on how to find what works for your company
  • Choice paralysis and why some companies get overwhelmed when beginning their marketing efforts
  • Drew shares his favorite beverages and brands

In this episode…

How can you make your winery stand out? Are there online strategies your company is missing out on that could be building your client list? And most importantly: what’s the best way to taste wine?

You may think that some visually-pleasing branding and packaging is enough to gain traction, but there’s more that needs to be done here to tell your company’s unique story. With almost two decades of experience in online marketing strategies under his belt, Drew Hendricks is here to spill his tips and share advice on the wine and craft industry. So no need to let choosing which social media platforms to pursue consume you: Drew is here to help.

On this episode of Pitcher This!, host Darren Fox talks with Drew Hendricks, President of Barrels Ahead, about his journey from philosophy and Ancient Greek to marketing wineries. They discuss his approach to online marketing, how to effectively tell your company’s story, and the importance of timing when it comes to your content strategy. Plus, Drew shares some of his favorite beverages. You won’t want to miss this fascinating episode of Pitcher This!

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