Networking and Success in the Brewing Industry with Milk Money Brewing

Erik Pizer, Milk Money Brewing

Erik Pizer is the Head Brewer and a Co-owner at Milk Money Brewing, a brewery based in La Grange, Illinois that offers local food, hand-brewed beer, and an unforgettable experience. Erik has been home brewing as a hobby since he was a teenager and began his professional brewing career in 2013 when he co-founded his own brewery, 350 Brewing Company. Since then, Erik has been the Head Brewer for Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery before joining Milk Money Brewing in 2019. 

Erik’s brews have won a number of notable awards, including the silver medal at the Great American Beer Fest in 2018, the gold and bronze medals at Indiana’s State Fair in 2019, as well as silver and bronze medals at Illinois Craft Beer Fest.

Podcast highlights with Erik Pizer

  • Erik Pizer explains his extensive history in the brewing and restaurant industries
  • Erik talks about some of the awards he’s won with his beers
  • What kind of beer does Erik prefer to brew and drink?
  • Navigating networking and marketing in the beer space 
  • How it feels to watch people drink beer that you’ve brewed and tips on staying confident
  • How Erik and his team at Milk Money Brewing successfully combined a brewery and a restaurant 
  • How Milk Money Brewing handled the pandemic 
  • Erik describes some of his most memorable moments as a brewer
  • What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to success in the brewing industry?

In this episode…

Have you ever wanted to brew your own beer? What if you could get advice from an award-winning brewer? Meet Erik Pizer.

Erik’s brewing obsession began when he became fascinated with cooking at just 15. One thing led to another and he eventually co-founded his own brewery, 350 Brewing Company. Since then, Erik has been the head brewer for multiple breweries and has won many awards for his beer. So, what has he learned in the process?

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with Head Brewer and Co-owner of Milk Money Brewing, Erik Pizer, about the brewing industry. They discuss creating a successful brewpub, networking in the beer space, handling criticism and praise for your product, and much more. Stay tuned!

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