Fostering a Healthy Work Environment With Esther Weinberg of The Ready Zone

Esther Weinberg

Esther Weinberg, The Ready Zone

Esther Weinberg is a business growth expert as well as the Founder and Chief Leadership Development Officer of The Ready Zone. She uses over 20 years of experience to assist leaders during periods of reorganization and rejuvenation with her consultancy. She has worked with international brands such as Disney, Microsoft, Sony, and more. She has written an ebook on her ideas titled, Better Leaders. Better People. Better Results., and is a frequent keynote speaker and podcast guest.

Podcast highlights with Esther Weinberg of The Ready Zone

  • What Esther Weinberg does through The Ready Zone
  • The incredible importance of trust within organizations
  • Exploring how remote work has changed communication 
  • Why mental health is more important than ever to employees
  • How to create a healthy work environment
  • Maintaining social relationships in remote settings
  • The key to making a space for creativity in teams

In this episode…

There have been many pushes in recent years for improving work environments. These trends have manifested in different ways, but all of them seek to relieve the monotony of the average office. Unfortunately, these ideas often fail to treat the underlying causes. 

Esther Weinberg has redirected her career toward helping people make these changes. She is the Founder and Chief Leadership Development Officer of The Ready Zone, where she challenges other leaders and executives to address the subtle issues in the workplace that inevitably lead to greater problems. Her advice has had a tremendous effect on her clients and now it may even help you.

In this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast, Darren Fox discusses work environments with Esther Weinberg, the Founder and Chief Leadership Development Officer of The Ready Zone, and how they can be improved. The two go through the common pitfalls that many companies make, the importance of trust within organizations, and the growing emphasis on mental health. They also touch on how to maintain social relationships despite the difficulties of remote work. Stay tuned for more!

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