Improving Your Website Design with Haley Langer

Haley Langer, Idea Marketing Group

Haley Langer is a Support Manager at Idea Marketing Group, a marketing agency that helps businesses grow by generating leads and increasing brand awareness. Haley uses her skills in graphic design and visual communications to create custom websites for clients. 

Before joining Idea Marketing Group, Haley was a Layout Designer at Waubonsee Community College, where she earned her Associate’s Degree of Applied Science and Graphic Design. Haley also has a BFA in Studio Art and Visual Communication from Northern Illinois University.

Podcast highlights with Haley Langer

  • How Haley Langer got into the coding and graphic design space
  • Haley shares how she landed an internship, and eventual job, at Idea Marketing Group after hearing Darren Fox speak at her college
  • How website design has evolved over the past decade
  • Haley shares some advice and rules of thumb for website design
  • The importance of staying up to date with design trends and consistently updating your website
  • Tips on optimizing your website’s user experience 
  • Haley looks back on some of her favorite projects she’s worked on, including the first website she built
  • What are CAPTCHA and ADA?
  • Haley shares some of her favorite non-alcoholic beverages

In this episode…

What’s the number one rule of thumb for website design? How does logo size impact your user experience? Why do websites use CAPTCHA? Now you’re speaking Haley Langer’s language.

Haley fell in love with coding and graphic design while personalizing her MySpace page. Now, she’s the Support Manager at Idea Marketing Group, designing customized websites for beverage companies. She’s here to share her endless knowledge about website design with you.

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with the Support Manager at Idea Marketing Group, Haley Langer, all about website design. They discuss tips for optimizing your website, staying up to date on design trends, why CAPTCHA and ADA matter, and much more.

Sponsor for this episode…

This episode is brought to you by Idea Marketing Group. A marketing agency known for custom web design and development with search engine optimization. Founded in 2009, they have consistently been ranked by Clutch as a top web design agency.

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