Social Media Tips + Advice from IG Influencer Jess Merritt

Jessica Merritt, Beer Babe Jess

Jessica Merritt is an Associate Creative Director and Beer Blogger in the Chicago area known best as Beer Babe Jess. Jessica crafts copy and creative branding for ad agencies and companies by day, and scours the nation for the best craft beers by night.

Jessica has over 12 years of experience as a creative leader and writer and knows that an emotional connection is a must for authentic and successful branding. She has flexed her creative strengths for companies like ULTA Beauty, Hyatt Hotels, and Allergan, using her marketing prowess to showcase various breweries to the masses as the Beer Babe.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jessica explains how she got into the beer industry and began her social media presence.
  • The personal connection people have with what they drink and how beer can spark conversation and connections.
  • Why numbers don’t matter in social media—and personal connections do.
  • How having an Instagram page for your business can boost sales and spread your brand.
  • Jessica talks about being a woman in an industry dominated by men.
  • Where Jessica started learning about beer and the industry.
  • Bottle shares and the different ways to connect with other people about beer.
  • Some of Jessica’s fondest memories in the beer industry.
  • How the pandemic has affected Jessica’s business and personal experiences.
  • How brands can interact more with fans and followers: Instagram stories.
  • The impact of charitable acts on a brand.
  • Jessica’s favorite beverages and breweries.

In this episode…

How much can social media really affect your business? What can brands do to boost sales and spread their message? Most importantly, what’s the difference between barrel-aged and sour beers? 

Jessica, better known online as Beer Babe Jess, runs a successful Instagram page that showcases beers of all kinds and behind-the-scenes glimpses at different breweries and brands. For Jessica, it’s all about making connections—and there’s no better way to connect than with a cold beer in hand. As the Chicago Beer Babe, she gives a taste of how beer brings people together, how brands create personal connections online, and her experience in the beer industry.

Join Darren Fox on this episode of Pitcher This, where he talks with Associate Creative Director and Beer Blogger Jessica Merritt about the conversations seldom had about beer and the brewing industry. They also chat about her favorite parts of being a social media influencer, growing an online presence, and some of Jessica’s most memorable stories from her time in the beer industry. You won’t want to miss this exciting and thirst-quenching episode of Pitcher This!

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