Manufacturing Workwear for Hospitality Brands

Jim Snediker, Stock Mfg. Co

Jim Snediker is the Founder and CEO of Stock Mfg. Co., a Chicago-based, full-service design, development, and manufacturing workwear and uniform company. Jim founded Stock Mfg. Co. in 2012 as a menswear clothing brand, but soon found his niche in workwear. After almost a decade, Stock Mfg. Co. has established a national reputation for quality and thoughtful design. 

Before starting Stock Mfg. Co., Jim was the Co-founder and President of Left of Trend, a unique fashion website, and a Senior Account Executive at

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn

  • Jim Snediker talks about the beginnings of Stock Mfg. Co., and how he found his niche in the hospitality industry
  • How Stock Mfg. Co. stays ahead of the curve on current trends and fashions
  • Jim explains some of the industries Stock Mfg. Co. works with
  • Jim remembers one of the team’s more unique and stressful orders
  • Setting expectations and other lessons Jim has learned about leadership and running a business
  • How a fundraising campaign and mask sales led to Stock Mfg. Co. beating its 2019 revenue
  • Jim shares some marketing techniques that have been successful for his company
  • Some of Jim’s favorite beverages

In this episode…

What goes into creating custom clothing and uniforms for the hospitality industry? How did a workwear company beat its 2019 revenue by selling masks alone? What was it like collaborating with Miller High Life? Jim Snediker is here to tell you.

Jim is the Founder and CEO of Stock Mfg. Co., a workwear and uniform company based in Chicago. Jim started out with the goal of creating men’s fashion, but quickly found his niche in the hospitality industry. He has worked and collaborated with tons of breweries and beverage brands, and is here to share some unique and inspiring stories.

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with Founder and CEO of Stock Mfg. Co., Jim Snediker. Jim discusses the importance of setting expectations as a business owner, how he grew his company to make custom uniforms and workwear, how he beat his 2019 revenue from selling masks, and much more. Stay tuned!


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