How to Market Your Brand Through e-Commerce

Kim Nguyen, Speakeasy Co.

Kim Nguyen is the Director of Marketing at Speakeasy Co., an e-commerce and logistics platform that allows alcohol beverage brands to sell directly to consumers from their own website. Kim works to ensure that each brand’s e-commerce process and digital marketing outreach are as seamless as possible. 

Kim has worked in the digital marketing and paid media space her entire career. Before joining Speakeasy Co., she was the Paid Media Manager at Youtily, a Paid Search Specialist at GoHaus, and the Web Analytics and Email Specialist at Mindgruve. In her free time, Kim enjoys watercolor painting and calligraphy.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn

  • Kim Nguyen discusses her role as Director of Marketing at Speakeasy Co., and how she built the digital marketing department from scratch
  • Some challenges in digital advertising 
  • Kim’s favorite platforms for digital marketing
  • How click costs differ between industries
  • Why Kim considers herself a “Swiss Army Knife” when it comes to marketing
  • Kim’s favorite projects and what she loves most about her job
  • How Kim brings her artistic side into her career
  • Speakeasy Co.’s plan for growth and expansion into different marketing channels
  • How COVID impacted Speakeasy Co.’s business in a positive way
  • Some of Kim’s favorite beverages

In this episode…

Why are there so many rules to follow when advertising on Facebook? How can click costs impact your digital marketing efforts? What’s the easiest way to market your alcoholic beverage company online?

Kim Nguyen is a self-proclaimed “Swiss Army Knife” when it comes to marketing — and for good reason. Kim has led digital marketing and paid media strategies for tons of companies like GoHaus and Scripps Health, and knows the ins and outs of click costs, advertising rules, and e-commerce. She’s here to share her knowledge and tell you everything you need to know about marketing a brand. 

On this exciting episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with Director of Marketing at Speakeasy Co., Kim Nguyen. Kim discusses the pros and cons of different marketing platforms, how click costs can affect your strategy, her favorite parts of working at Speakeasy Co., and much more. Stay tuned!


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