Helping Smaller Brands Find Their Shine With Liz Seelye of Starry-Eyed Strategy

Liz Seelye, Starry Eyed Strategy

Elizabeth “Liz” Seelye is a brand innovator and the Founder of Starry-Eyed Strategy, a brand strategy consultancy that seeks to breathe innovation into businesses. She has worked with small brands including Orvis and Wholesome as well as larger brands such as Starbucks and Cinnabon. In addition, she is the Co-founder of Starryside Company, which offers natural drinks and snacks for kids.

As an avid traveler, Liz has visited 44 countries. Previously, she spent over 12 years as an Innovator and Managing Director at Sterling-Rice Group. In her spare time, she serves as a mentor and guest speaker for the next generation of brand and business leaders.

Podcast highlights with with Liz Seelye of Starry-Eyed Strategy

  • How Liz Seelye worked with innovative brands before starting her own
  • The process of helping brands find their shine
  • Reasonable timelines and pricing for good branding
  • Memorable marketing techniques to attract customer attention
  • The greatest challenges that Liz had to overcome in both of her businesses
  • Where Liz finds inspiration and ideas

In this episode…

While there are several advantages to starting a small business in the modern age, there are just as many challenges. By their very definition, smaller brands have fewer resources and experience to use to their advantage. There is plenty of advice in the world on how to grow your small business, but few tips come from both expertise and firsthand knowledge.

Liz Seelye is the Founder of Starry-Eyed Strategy, a consultancy designed to help smaller brands find their niche. Meanwhile, she is also the Co-founder of a natural drink and snack company. Between both living the experience and working with other entrepreneurs, Liz has a firm grasp on what businesses need to succeed.

Darren Fox invites Liz Seelye, the Founder of Starry-Eyed Strategy, to talk about innovative branding and how small companies can stand out from the crowd. The two go over the full process of branding, along with expectations for pricing and turnaround times. They then discuss topics such as marketing techniques, finding your unique edge, and where to draw inspiration. Hear the rest on this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast.

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