Creating and Marketing a Better Sports Drink With Mark French of X2 Performance

Mark French, X2 Performance

Mark French is a serial entrepreneur who’s founded multiple successful businesses and worked for some of the largest brand names in the world. Currently, he is the CEO of X2 Performance, a prominent supplements brand that’s revolutionizing the sports nutrition world with its patented formula. He is also the Founder of NLP Ventures, which invests in sports, entertainment, and technology.

Mark has exercised his talents as an Executive Producer at Netflix, the Founder and Inventor of Court Grip, and the Co-founder of Twenty. He has also been an integral part of NBCUniversal leadership.

Podcast highlights With Mark French of X2 Performance

  • How Mark French went from being a board member to the CEO of X2 Performance
  • What makes X2 Performance different from other sports nutrition brands?
  • Mark talks about leveraging athletes instead of normal influencers
  • How Mark stays motivated throughout his busy career
  • The secret to starting and running successful businesses
  • Where X2 Performance is headed in the future

In this episode…

Mark French truly lives up to his title as a serial entrepreneur. From NBC to Ad Age to Court Grip and more, Mark has had a hand in countless successful businesses and products. After years in entertainment and sports nutrition, he’s decided to step into the world of beverages — and we’ve never been luckier.

X2 Performance is a growing supplements and sports nutrition brand. They pride themselves on being a cleaner, more natural alternative to other sports drinks. Not only are they NSF-for-sport certified, but they also have a variety of renowned athletes backing the product. The brand has seen tremendous sales lately, proving that the company’s approach is working. So, how have they done it, and what exactly is Mark’s process for developing such winning businesses?

On this episode, Darren Fox interviews Mark French, CEO of X2 Performance, to find out why the brand is performing so well and the secret to Mark’s success. Together, they go through Mark’s career and how he got involved in so many different industries. They then discuss X2 Performance, what separates the company from other sports drinks, and how they’ve utilized sponsorships to their advantage. All of this and more on the Pitcher This! podcast.

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