Starting and Growing a Craft Brewery With Matt Riggs of Riggs Beer Company

Matt Riggs, Riggs Beer Company

Matt Riggs is the Co-founder of Riggs Beer Company, along with his brother, Darin Riggs. In day-to-day operations, Matt handles the brewery’s beer production, sales, and distribution. He earned his German brewmaster certification at Doemens Akademie in Munich Germany, having worked for a brewery that’s over 350 years old. 

Matt served in the Marines as a Combat Engineer Officer directly after college and it was during his time abroad that he discovered his taste for craft beers. He has his bachelor’s degree in Technical Systems Management from the University of Illinois.

Podcast highlights With Matt Riggs of Riggs Beer Company

  • Matt Riggs tells the story behind his family’s brewery, Riggs Beer Company
  • How Matt’s time in the military influenced his brewery
  • The importance of sustainability and how Riggs Beer Company has been leading the charge
  • What’s been the biggest challenge that Matt’s brewery has had to overcome?
  • Matt’s approach to marketing and how the beer company handles tours
  • Darren Fox and Matt talk about the unique advantages craft breweries have

In this episode…

Starting your own craft brewery is difficult —  but if you do it right, it can transform into an amazing business. Not only do you have a dedicated demographic, but they also share all of the same passion as the founders. The biggest challenge you’ll find is competing with both the larger brands and the countless new craft breweries. While there’s no guaranteed way to succeed, having a great story helps.

Riggs Beer Company was founded by two brothers, Matt and Darin Riggs. They both grew up on a farm in Illinois, served in the military, and discovered a mutual love for craft beer while abroad. After a whole lot of experimentation and even more training, they opened their doors to the public to find great success. So, how did they get there and how have they continued to grow?

In this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with Matt Riggs of Riggs Beer Company to hear his brewery’s story and how they approach their craft. The two talk about a host of topics including sustainability, how to put on a successful tour, and the best marketing strategies for your brewery. They also go through Matt’s own story and how it influenced his brewery. Stay tuned to hear more!

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