Unique Marketing for Unique Products with Molly Fedick, Founder of Buzzkill Wines

Molly Fedick, Buzzkill Wines

Molly Fedick is a content expert and the Founder of Buzzkill Wines, a company that specializes in alcohol-removed wines that retain the fun of traditional wine. She developed her brand of unique content as the Creative Director of Hinge for almost four years, guiding their marketing strategy and asset creation. 

In addition to Buzzkill, Molly works as a contract lecturer for New York University. She spent much of her career as a journalist, a freelancer, and as the Founder of the creative content studio, 88 Digital. She’s also worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Urban Outfitters, Tinder, and UberEats.

Podcast highlights with Molly Fedick

  • How Molly Fedick came up with the idea of fun, alcohol-removed wine
  • What are Molly’s marketing takeaways from working at Hinge?
  • Leveraging a meme into effective marketing and branding
  • How Molly secured an internship at the White House
  • The secret to working with Fortune 500 brands
  • What to expect from Buzzkill Wine’s launch

In this episode…

How do you effectively market your beverage? For most drinks, there is an endless ocean of competition. The market is getting crowded as smaller brands are better able to compete with the larger companies. This makes marketing more important than ever, with distinct products needing advertising that’s just as distinct to stay ahead. Many brands have found their niche by embracing their unique style — like Buzzkill Wines. 

Buzzkill is a wine that keeps all of the taste and none of the alcohol. Their distinctive brand is all due to their founder, Molly Fedick. Her approach to marketing is idiosyncratic, relying on authenticity and memes to convey a more personable product. From working with Coca-Cola to Urban Outfitters, she has found a marketing technique that truly works. Want to know more about her methods?

Darren Fox talks with Molly Fedick, the Founder of Buzzkill Wines, to learn about her outlook on marketing and wine. She talks about her time as the Creative Director of Hinge, how she developed her product, and the way she leverages memes in marketing. They also cover some fun topics like Molly’s favorite wine beverage and how she got to work at the White House. Find out all of this and more on this episode of Pitcher This!

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