Discovering a Better Way to Market Yourself With Nick Packard of NP Connect

Nick Packard, NP Connect

Nick Packard is a marketing architect and business coach with critical expertise in interim roles. He’s run his freelance consulting company, NP Connect, since 2010 and has worked on sales and marketing initiatives with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Currently, he is also the Vice President of Business Development for Pineapple Development, a strategic e-commerce development agency. 

Nick has over 10 years of experience in marketing and sales. Throughout his career, he’s served as the Client Services Director for Saturn Lounge, the Director of Marketing for GlobalSource IT, and the Director of eCommerce at Strauss Brands, Inc.

Podcast highlights With Nick Packard of NP Connect

  • How Nick Packard got into business coaching
  • The origins of the campaign, “Pass Me a Beer”
  • Finding unique ways to get clients over to your website
  • Nick shares his thoughts on creativity and how to find inspiration in new places
  • The most common mistake that people make with their marketing
  • How to achieve a proper work/life balance
  • What’s the biggest challenge that Nick has faced — and overcome?

In this episode…

Marketing can often fall short, especially in the beverage world. Looking at the shelves can make your eyes glaze over; it seems like there are similar designs and packaging for every brand. From content strategies to ad campaigns, there is a lot of room for improvement. But, many companies have found fresh ways to promote themselves and set their brands apart from the crowded shelves. Among these mavericks is Nick Packard.

Nick has played a myriad of roles throughout his career, and they’ve all enhanced his wild creativity and nose for marketing. For more than 10 years, he’s gained firsthand experience on what works for companies. Equipped with a unique and unconventional approach to his marketing, he’s now a business coach and fractional CMO who loves discovering how to make you stand out from your competition. Want to learn more about his process?

Darren Fox invites Nick Packard of NP Connect on to the show to discuss noteworthy marketing and how to get engagement with your brand. Together, they go through Nick’s career and how he developed the skills he has today. They also talk about the success of the “Pass Me a Beer” campaign and how Nick turned golf balls into effective marketing. Hear the rest by listening to this episode of the Pitcher This! podcast.

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