Unique Stories and Spirits With Pavlos Dafnis of Wolf Point Distilling

Pavlos Dafnis, Wolf Point Distilling

Pavlos Dafnis is the Founder of Wolf Point Distilling, a craft distillery set in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor of Chicago. Wolf Point creates small-batch spirits with an emphasis on quality and storytelling. Pavlos founded the brand in January of 2021 after seeing a lack of local distilleries in his hometown. 

Pavlos is also the Owner of Tassos Metal, a sheet metal fabrication company that has served its clients for over 35 years.

Podcast highlights with Pavlo Dafnis of Wolf Point Distilling

  • What inspired Pavlos Dafnis to start a craft distillery in Chicago
  • Tips for branding as newcomers in the beverage space
  • Breaking down the different marketing opportunities for distilleries
  • The greatest challenges for new beverage brands in Chicago
  • Pavlos shares unique stories and spirits from Wolf Point Distilling 
  • The “a-ha” moment Pavlos experienced when he started Wolf Point

In this episode…

We love talking about storytelling on the podcast. Take the episode with Chris Knight of The Blind Pig Co., when we discussed how his distinct story helped differentiate and grow his brand. But, what if the spirits are the stories?

Pavlos Dafnis is the Founder of Wolf Point Distilling, a craft distillery in Chicago. Their location is rich in history, set in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor and named after the meeting point of multiple branches of the Chicago River. Additionally, each spirit is named after and inspired by real people and events. It’s a novel approach to the industry and has led to some early success from the brand. Now, Pavlos gets to tell his own story.

Darren Fox hosts Pavlos Dafnis, the Founder of Wolf Point Distilling, to discuss the brand and how they use stories to elevate their product. They go through the initial inspiration, the difficulties along the way, and how they have broken through to find success. They also touch on Pavlos’ approach to marketing and the tips he has for newcomers to the beverage space. Hear all of this and more on this episode of Pitcher This!

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