The Important Steps in Digital Marketing With Steven Bork of Nova B2B Marketing

Steven Bork,  Nova B2B Marketing

Steven Bork is an expert in marketing and the Principal at Nova B2B Marketing. The firm works in communications and marketing consultation, specializing in specific B2B sectors. Steven has over 40 years of experience, working for a host of different marketing companies including Mark Anderson Associates and White Horse Productions. Of all those years, Steven spent 20 of them as the President and Owner of Adventive Marketing, Inc., where he developed much of his experience in digital marketing. He also briefly taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in their Professional and Executive Development program.

Podcast highlights with Steven Bork of Nova B2B Marketing

  • Steven Bork’s experience from old school advertising to digital marketing
  • The best ways to pull content out of your client
  • Should you be secretive about your distributor relationships?
  • The process of brand management and development
  • How often should a business revisit their branding?
  • Building relationships with outside resources to strengthen your company

In this episode…

Marketing is all about staying current and adapting to new challenges. While there are a few principles and ideas that are constant, most marketers have to be nimble and learn how to tweak their approach to stay effective. For marketers who have been in the industry for a long time, this means they’ve had to refine their process time and time again.

This is especially the case for Steven Bork, who has worked in some form of marketing for over 40 years. He’s transitioned into digital marketing, having a firm foundation in traditional branding as well as a fresh perspective on modern marketing. Now, he shares some of his processes with you.

Darren Fox hosts Steven Bork, the Principal at Nova B2B Marketing, to talk about digital marketing and the keys to branding your company. They go through the overall process, including how to get content out of your client and how to rebrand a business. They then dive into more detail on real-life examples of marketing and how Steven has worked in the past. Hear it all on this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast.

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