How To Build an Authentic Booze Brand With Taylor Foxman of The Industry Collective

Taylor Foxman, The Industry Collective

Taylor Foxman is a prominent leader in the beverage industry and the Founder and CEO of The Industry Collective. The Industry Collective is a consulting firm for fast-growing beverage brands and has worked with names such as Archer Roose and BeatBox Beverages. Her greatest strengths come from networking and leadership, sitting as a Board Member for Vin Social, Chief, and Step Up. 

Taylor is a Contributing Writer for Entrepreneur Media, coming from a background in media and communication. In 2020, she was named one of PR Week’s 40 Under 40.

Podcast highlights with Taylor Foxman of The Industry Collective

  • Why Taylor Foxman started The Industry Collective and what they do
  • The next steps that every beverage startup needs to prepare for
  • Looking at new trends in marketing for the beverage space
  • Taylor’s journey into the alcohol industry and working with startups
  • What was Taylor’s most challenging moment of her career?
  • Promoting women in leadership and serving as a mentor

In this episode…

While creating a successful startup is less difficult than it used to be, it’s far from an easy process. The lack of proper funding or experience can make it difficult to stand out amongst the larger brands. Even some smaller breweries are bought and backed by established names, giving them a leg up over more authentic brands. That support can make all the difference between success and burnout.

Taylor Foxman knows this, having started The Industry Collective to do just that. Her firm is made up of experts with the sole purpose of supporting and guiding up-and-coming brands. Many of their beverages have gone on to be household names, such as BeatBox and Archer Roose. Her work in the beverage industry has given her the experience to help brands in need. Now, she might even be able to help yours.

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox speaks with Taylor Foxman, the Founder, and CEO of The Industry Collective, to hear her perspective on building and growing an authentic beverage brand. They go over new trends in marketing, the crucial next steps for small companies, and supporting women in the industry. They also talk about Taylor’s career and how she’s discovered her success. Stay tuned!

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