How a Non-Alcoholic Brewery is Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry

Tom Halaska, WellBeing Brewing

Tom Halaska is the Brand Manager at WellBeing Brewing, a brewery dedicated to making non-alcoholic craft brews. Tom has been in the restaurant and beverage industry since he was fifteen, and has done marketing for international liquor brands.

Tom is also collaborating with Hope for The Day, a nonprofit focused on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education, on a project called Things We Don’t Say: Craft Beer for Mental Health. With the nonprofit, Tom is making an IPA to raise awareness about mental health.

Podcast highlights with Tom Halaska

  • Tom Halaska discusses how WellBeing Brewing began and the growing popularity of non-alcoholic beer
  • The target audience for non-alcoholic craft beverages and why anyone can enjoy them
  • Tom goes over how WellBeing’s online presence has grown
  • The pros and cons with selling online versus retail locations — and why they’re both beneficial for WellBeing 
  • How WellBeing shifted their marketing strategies when COVID hit and their plans for the future
  • Tom talks about WellBeing’s graphic designer, their unique can art, and branding
  • Tom discusses WellBeing’s collaboration with Hope for the Day on their Things We Don’t Say project
  • The biggest challenges non-alcoholic beverage companies face and how to overcome them
  • Tom shares some memorable moments from his time with WellBeing

In this episode…

Who are non-alcoholic beverages targeting? How is one company revolutionizing the craft brewing space with its IPAs and sparkling waters? How can craft beer help create a conversation around mental health? Tom Halaska is here to tell you.

Tom is the Brand Manager for WellBeing Brewing, a brewery dedicated to producing non-alcoholic craft beers and waters. Being sober for over three years, Tom knows a thing or two about enjoying non-alcoholic beverages. It’s easy for anyone to enjoy them, and with WellBeing’s recent collaboration with Hope for the Day, craft beer is doing more than just tasting good. 

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with Brand Manager at WellBeing Brewing, Tom Halaska. Tom discusses the growing popularity of non-alcoholic craft beverages, selling online versus in retail locations, how craft beer can benefit mental health conversations, and much more.

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